Path Of Exile - The Spiritual Auccessor Of Diablo II

Grinding Gear Games has created an almost perfect RPG action. At least that's how many players imagined the successor of the iconic Blizzard production.


Diablo III disappointed many, including me. Blizzard has so far gone away conceptually from the previous edition, that it was practically a new game under the hitherto known title. The fans of the second part did not have to look for production for a long time that would meet their expectations. Path of Exile officially premiered on October 23 last year, but the open beta lasted many months, so anyone who wanted to play it could. The production is responsible for a small, independent studio - Grinding Gear Games, for which this title is a debut on the computer games market. And this is a very successful debut. Everything here has been well thought out and well implemented, and the multitude of so-called builds enables playing counted in hundreds of hours. But let's start in the beginning.


Welcome to the Grim Wraeclast world


We start our fun by choosing our hero. There are no unnecessary fireworks - a character represents a particular class and starts in a different place of the passive skill tree. In addition, each hero receives different bonuses for basic statistics, which consist of fairly standard coefficients, namely strength, dexterity and intelligence. However, the differences between them end there and in fact the player's choice of character class is left in the player's hands. Ultimately, there is no problem for the archer to become a mage and vice versa. This is one of the major advantages of the Path of Exile.


Regardless of what character you choose, like in other games of this type, the story is always the same. We start in the same place and do the same tasks. Oh, standard. The fun begins when you include a passive skill tree and see the amount and variety of abilities that you will choose after gaining each successive level of experience. Especially at the beginning you can feel the overwhelming wealth of choice. Path of Exile does not have literally understood active abilities. Instead, there are gems that have specific properties assigned. We activate them by inserting the selected gem into the slot with the same color in our weapon. Skill gems come in three colors: red, blue and green. They condition the basic attribute they require to be able to use them. Accordingly, it is strength, intelligence and dexterity. The whole sounds a bit intricate, but in practice it is logical and very intuitive.


Freedom of Choice


The selection of gems is enormous. The best part, however, is that the authors are constantly adding new ones, which means that from time to time we can create a completely new combination of abilities. It is worth adding that the genres are divided into main and auxiliary ones. The former are responsible for a certain ability, the latter for modifying the properties of the former. This can be, for example, adding another lightning or shot beam. We can add up to five reinforcing effects to one gem. Of course, this requires a weapon with six sockets, which are quite difficult to obtain, especially at the beginning. It should also be remembered that the places for gems have their own colors, which must match the colors of the gems that we want to put in them. You can change them using the so-called PoE orbs, but with more sockets, the chance to hit the desired combination is quite small.


Naturally, not counting the mentioned element, the items have their own statistics, which can also be changed as necessary. Again, however, the use of orb is a kind of lottery and often instead of improving a given coefficient we will lower its value or draw one that is not usable. At this point, I hurry with an explanation - gold is not in the Path of Exile. The currency here is the mentioned orbs, which are available in many variations and have different, more or less useful properties. In my opinion, such a solution has a considerable advantage over the classic approach to the subject - thanks to this abuse is much rarer and the trade is thriving.


Acts, Leagues, Races and Other Attractions


Path of Exile, model Diablo series is divided into nudes. Wading through all unlocks the next level of difficulty. But that's not the end. There are also leagues available to the player. Each of them is more difficult than the previous one, and the monsters have more hit points and do more damage. It is worth considering in which league we start to play, because this choice is final. In addition, each league is divided into so-called softcore and hardcore. The first mode is so much easier that the death of our hero does not bring any major consequences. In the second case, death has a permanent effect. A completely separate attraction are races that are governed by their own laws. These are periodic events with specific victory conditions, eg you can not use ranged weapons, and the game lasts for 2 days. A nice addition for those who are looking for new challenges.


Real Free-to-Play


Everyone can play in the Path of Exile. All you need to do is create an account on the title website and download the client. There are no necessary fees here, but there are micropayments. However, I calm down at once - this is probably the best implementation of the Free-to-play model I have seen. All add-ons that we can buy in the store are purely visual and do not affect the game in any way. The exception is the tabs in the hero's chest, but it is difficult to call this purchase necessary or distorting the game. Everything here is gained through play. It is not Diablo III, in which you run the auction house and with a sufficiently rich wallet in a few seconds you can have better items than people who have put their equipment for many months.


Diablo II in A Slightly Nicer Frame


An audiovisual website in this type of games is not the most important thing, but it's always nice to hang on and music does not irritate our ears. Exactly this is the Path of Exile, although of course you will not find anything amazing here. It's just right. The graphics look good at the gloomy climate, which is somewhat a reflection of the story. Not that the last one was interested in or was more than just the necessary addition .;) The music even comes to the ear and more importantly after a few hours of gameplay does not force nervous searching in the options of its exclusion. Of course, the Path of Exile has not been realized with such a flourish as Blizzard's productions. You will not see here spectacular videos between acts or anything at all. Gentlemen from the GGG studio focused on the mechanics of the game and it all went well on health.


Hundreds of Hours of Fun


Path of Exile is one of those games that you write about with pleasure. Everything here has been conceived in this way to please fans of the genre. The occasional problems with synchronization on the client-server plane, which in extreme situations can cause our character to die, are a small screech. Fortunately, this is an extremely rare condition. Players who spent hundreds of hours at Diablo II will feel at home here. The enormous possibilities of creating your own character combined with the simple but very well-executed game mechanics make the Path of Exile one of the better games of the past year.