The New Path Of Exile Bestiary League Arrives In March On Xbox One

The month of March will mark the debut of a new League in Path of Exile, which was named Bestiary. The great news of this League is that players will need to hunt and capture almost 300 dangerous animals that will be spread across the most diverse maps.


By capturing them you can then sacrifice them to create new items with the new Beastcrafting breeding system. With this you will have your own menagerie of beasts, which here earned the name of Menagerie.


By weakening a monster, you make him vulnerable to being captured, and if this is successful, he will be captured by Einhar, who will take him through a portal to his Menagerie.


In addition to the news related to the Bestiary League, Path of Exile will receive more content updates. Check out the most important updates:

  • Three new skill gems, including the new Spectral Shield Throw ability and the Summon Phantasm on Kill support gem.
  • Possibility of re-forging certain unique items, for creating up to 30 new Fated items.
  • New enemies.
  • Four new sets of items based on powerful spiritual animals.
  • High-level players can challenge Elder and The Shaper simultaneously.
  • Ascendancy Class Revamp: All classes have been rebalanced.
  • New mission added to Act 10.
  • Several performance improvements.

The Path of Exile Bestiary League as well as the 3.2.0 update will be released on PC on March 2, but Grinding Gear Games promises to bring it to Xbox One a week later.


Path of Exile has arrived and still performs with great success on Xbox One, where it is exclusive on the consoles. Enjoy and check out our game review.


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