Kill Monster To Refill Your Flasks In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games is a top-down, action RPG that takes inspiration from one of the best RPGs of all time, Diablo. 


There are 7 classes (6 available at start, 1 that unlock as you progress through the game.), each class effects where you start on the Passive Skill Tree, as well as what gems you get as quest rewards and what "Ascendancy" classes are available to you later in the game. You are not limited on what skills you can use based on class, only on stats require to use them. 


One unique feature of the game is that health/mana potions, are vials that stay in your health potion slot, and refill based on monster kills, their max dosage is set by the quality of potion. So you have this pool of health available to you, but it’s limited by how many enemies you are slashing your way through. The potions also act over time, rather than instantaneously.


You have 2 types of flasks, mana and health flasks. Health is basically the resource you need to live. Mana is the resource you need to cast spells. You can use pots by pressing the number you connected it to, normally 12345. Killing monsters refills your flasks.


Path of Exile provides player with the complete RPG experience. It is packed with vast areas for players to explore and hunt, millions of treasures to loot and scavenge, thousands of strange creatures to kill and all that for free. You can imagine why this game has become one of the best Steam games today.