Path Of Exile: Character Builds With Traps Provide Innovative Ideas

As reported last week, the Path of Exile developers are working on revising older and less used skills. In the first part, for example, Ice Spear and the planned changes were shown. This week the team presents Part 2 with a focus on Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap. Character builds with traps usually provide for innovative ideas, but unfortunately play a bit bumpy.


Path of Exile - The New Traps Skills


Fire Trap


Here, the cooldown should be removed, so that the fire trap, in addition to other traps with cooldown, as quickly and often can be placed. In addition, the fire trap receives bonus damage against already burning opponents, so that the "repeated" is worthwhile.


The burning ground that has been left by the trap, should be a little bit stronger for it shorter. Many opponents who move fast or have a jump attack, etc. take only the initial damage and are directly out of the burning ground.


As part of the enhancements, Fire Trap will be available from a Level 1 Skill to a Level 12 Skill and after the quest "The Siren's Cadence" in the campaign.


Bear Trap


In addition to the relatively heavy damage caused by the bear trap, it should additionally reinforce the damage suffered by further traps or mines to the opponent. The ability to immobilize opponents should be dependent on the damage done.


Lightning Trap


Similar to the fire trap, it loses its cooldown and is more often used.


When it comes to damage, the lightning bolt gets a higher critical hit chance and bonus damage against shocked targets.


The Path of Exile team is also working on a new support framework designed specifically for traps / mines that will work well with the lightning trap. The new gem will probably generate energy as well as rage charges when your opponent gets caught with your traps.


In the characters, the Shadow will undergo some adjustments. Its launch area and other areas dealing with traps are being revised. For example, the early decision is to shift between physical and elemental damage, as the talents first deal with the reinforcement of traps.


Overall, the number of active traps should be increased. But this is the subject of internal testing, since such a change traps very quickly "overpowered", so could make overpowered.


Additional skills revision information will continue to be released promptly, including feedback from the Path of Exile community. The gamers can cheap PoE orbs buy from the online gaming house to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams.