How To Play Witch In Path Of Exile

To begin this article, today we will talk about one of the characters that in my opinion is one of the best, I speak of the Witch, which is pure intelligence in Path of Exile, making it an incomparable beast in the elemental and dark arts. He uses all his magic to kill his enemies from a distance.


It usually has a barrier against physical and magical attacks, a barrier that, unless it is pierced, makes it an invulnerable PC. In addition to purely magical damage, the Witch can kill her enemies with curses and diseases. In my case I usually have lightning skills (electrical damage) making it a dangerous enemy.


Featured skills


Here we leave a few builds related to the Witch. Remember that, because of their disposition in passive abilities, they can adapt to different characters. Fire, ice, electrical damage.


Witch is a typical magician in this game, his high intelligence level positively affects mana resources and energy shield, playing with this type of character is quite well known to all. Specialized in deadly spells, often related to an element favorite.


You can place your skill gems in a wand or in two wands, which can be used for close combat, if necessary.


How to play?


As we said before, the game mode is based mainly on the long distance fight. The destruction that it carries with its spells allows you to kill more and more enemies. It is worth remembering that the witch is not a physically very tough character, so do not be over excited about the power of magic, just for that reason remember to raise life and the energy shield ..


There is one drawback - some enemies may be partially or totally resistant to the chosen item. However as an alternative, you can choose to develop invocation skills, but this version focuses on the character's energy instead of invocation.


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Passive skills


The witch, develops the damage with spells, ice and (electric). The use of wands is also important because you are going to put the skill gems, if you want to put a second damage skill, for example the (Spark). By choosing the intelligence nodes, your character will quickly become a powerful magician whose ice-related abilities literally crush everything in their path.


You will need enormous amounts of mana to improve the fight, since they leave the spells of the witch, without worrying about losing the blue energy.


Active skills


If the witch is built according to these instructions, you must provide your skill with the gems that are related to intelligence, and not collide with the character's weapon, ie not use skills of strength or dexterity. 

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